How a Process Server Assist a Business Law Firm

After the lawyers have drafted all the pleadings and the legal clerks have filed them in court, there is a need for such documents to be served upon the other party. This is a requirement of the law since the other party is not omniscient to know that it has been taken to court. Such documents that require service include the summons to enter appearance, statement of defense, applications for permanent injunctions and other forms of orders that any court of competent jurisdiction may issue at one time or the other. Click here for a cost effective and accessible legal services.

The documents need to be served by a qualified and competent process server who can be in a position to file returns in the prescribed form of affidavit of service. An affidavit of service is an important document deemed as a pleading and it helps in ensuring that there is ample evidence to the effect that any document that has been mentioned in such an affidavit has been served upon the said party within the prescribed time. To this end, the said party will be required to appear in court or file rebuttals on the allegations made in the documents served upon them. They may appear in court in person or they may instruct a business law firm to come and represent them.

There is every need to ensure that all the documents are served by a licensed court process server who has been authorized by the courts to serve the court process on their behalf. The court process server should have a license and in addition such a license should be renewed on annual basis to ensure that they are recognized by the court to act as such and on the half of such courts and on continuous basis. This is because there has been an emergence of bogus people masquerading as court process servers, but in reality they are pretenders to the throne.

There is need to curtail such people since the court process is very sensitive and if it is not handled properly some parties may get injuries which may culminate to heavy and unbearable losses. A commercial lawyer Gold Coast may instruct a licensed process server to serve a notice of intention to sue and/or a demand letter to the aggrieved party. This will help to locate the physical location of such parties and in future other court documents will be served upon them with ease. Court process servers have knowledge on how to trace and search for a certain party and within no time they will give the location and the domicile of such parties.

This makes the matter at hand easier to handle since correspondences and other pleadings can be served and exchanged with ease. Many people in the current world are running away from the formal court processes and they are opting for alternate dispute resolution mechanisms. Such mechanisms include out of court settlement through mediators and arbitrator. Such a process enables the parties involved to sort their differences at a lower cost and in addition, they end up being friends and not enemies as the court process will make them.