Basic Information On Notary Publics

The concept of notary publics did not just start the other day. It is believed that public notaries existed during the Roman Empire. During that time, a person seeking to become a public notary will need to be appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury or Pope. It is worth remembering that the principles of law existed during those ancient times.

Today, the concept of notary publics has advanced a bit. They are now recognized as public servants and are normally appointed by the state. They play a very crucial role as they protect businesses and organization from the hands of fraudsters. Depending on the country, the public notary has the permission to witness the signing of sensitive documents such as deeds and affidavits. Moreover, they have the power to administer oaths. A notary is often paid by the state since he or she is a public servant. 

Public notaries are expected to determine whether the documents are genuine or not. They will also need to make sure that all parties sign the agreement knowingly and willingly. Often times, the court will only accept legal documents that are notarize. Notary seals in identification cards, birth certificates or passport confirm that the documents are valid. Even so, it should not be forgotten that a document containing a notary seal does not mean that it automatically become legal. The truth is that it is the court that has the last say. The court can either endorse or declare the documents invalid. Generally, a notary is not required to participate in the preparation of the documents that need to be signed. They are also not permitted to offer any form of legal advice to any of the parties involved. That would probably be the work of a solicitor. Visit this link you are looking for right solicitor.

In order to become a notary, a person will be required to be at least 18 years. This is probably one of the easiest jobs to get. An individual will not be required to undergo any form of training. Also, one does not need to be a lawyer in order to become a notary.Nevertheless, knowing some little facts about the principles of law is an added advantage. At times, there are some deep legal details that may prove confusing to an average person. It should be noted that the requirements of becoming a notary vary from place to place. Different countries have different rules and regulations governing notary publics.

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What To Check Before Signing A Contract

Signing an agreement is never the grand party that it is cracked up to be and it can get a tad bit tedious but no matter what type of agreement you are entering into, employment, rent, loan or even an insurance, you must make sure that you are not being taken for a ride. So today we have assembled a few tips for you to follow before putting pen to paper.

First thing you must check before entering into any agreement, whether it be a domestic building contract or an employment agreement is the names of the parties to the contract. Make sure that you know who you are binding yourself with and double check the spelling. If the name of the company looks different than double check on that as well. It could be a slight oversight such as this that could have you thrown out of your brand new apartment.

Another must do is checking the terms and conditions of the agreement and responsibilities to which you are agreeing. Whether a domestic building contract or an agreement with a vendor, there will be certain details which you would have agreed to beforehand and you should make sure that it is those terms that have been written down rather than simply taking their word for it. Make sure the details are what you agreed to and that their responsibilities have all been written down, this way there is a higher degree of holding them to their end of the agreement.

When checking the details of the agreement, also check the liabilities and remedies, essentially what you will be responsible for and in case the parties will not be able to hold up their end, what the consequences will be. Find out the possibility of claiming damages for any losses and what would happen in the event that you would want to cancel the agreement. Knowing the consequences of the agreement is an essential factor. However, you may think that this might be a little bit out of your depth as you are essentially looking for loopholes in the agreement. So thus another important tip is to have the agreement looked at by a lawyer. This will ensure that you do not enter into a legally binding document without checking all the facts and you will enter into the agreement after taking the advice of a legal counsellor. So the next time you find yourself signing an agreement, make sure to remember these little tips.